Top-Rated Provider of branded high-quality VR Cardboard devices. Trusted and tested by largest brands in the world.
2 328 000 USD
sales volume per year.
Over 1 300 000+
VR Cardboards sold.
3 000+
of wholesale corporate customers from 100+ countries.
Only 2-3 people
are required for the full-fledged work of the company.
Enormous list of customers.
Global billion-worth brands recommend MAXBOX VR.
Certified and recommended Google AR&VR.
Moreover, Google is our wholesale corporate customer.
In today's market, the global brands choose only certified Google partners for guaranteed quality, business performance & reliability.
Google "Street View"™ recommends MAXBOX VR as the only exclusive partner for wholesale VR Cardboards.
Google Street View holds an annual conference and uses MAXBOX VR Cardboards exclusively. We have the privilege of placing our logo on each box for Google Street View VR Cardboards.
Google Street view recommends Maxbox VR for bulk orders as their TOP Branded VR cardboard company to go to.
Site top positions in Google on quality demands.
Live streams of customers.
¼ million people have visited our site for the last 2 years.
• Adjusted advertising campaigns are in action.
• Content-producers, PR-agencies, advertising studios, marketing companies, printing houses and even rivals recommend us and order VR Cardboards from us.
8 000+
real email subscribers.
VR CardBoards is a growing world trend.
For the last 10 years, the demand for Custom VR headsets is steadily growing.
We are selling the business on turn-key-basis with all the assets, connections and experience.
The business contains the automated sale process, customer following and manufacturing.
Active customer base.
• More than 3 000 corporate wholesale customers, including companies from the Fortune 500 list.
• More than 8 000 email subscribers on our website.
Minimal team to run the entire business.
• Current personnel will remain onboard if needed by the new brand owner.
• Only 2-3 people are required for the full-fledged work of the company.
• No location boundaries — can be operated anywhere in the world.
• Accounting may be outsourced.
MAXBOX VR Website features.
  • Customized system of online sales.
Customized Zendesk CRM.
• All instructions and scripts for sales and production.
• All processes are adjusted so that any team can conduct business (monkey-business). Personnel can be trained in a month.
• Call recording and storage system.
Well-established production process.
• Simple scripts for forming orders for factories.
• You only need to press a few buttons to generate an order for production.
• We print the entire order for standard models and test versions for new models.
Tested and reliable suppliers.
1 in Turkey and 3 in China.
Fast and convenient delivery.
• Express delivery worldwide: DHL, FedEx, TNT.
• Accelerated process of payment of customs duties — permits to get additional marginality. Pre-payment for customs duties for customers will give extra profit into your pocket.
For example, Walmart brand has ordered VR CardBoards of our innovative model for 218 000 USD.
• We follow the requirements and quality standards of Google.
Technology. Quality.
In-House built technology for manufacturing individual designs of branded VR Cardboards.
• Certified components and spare parts.
• High production speed.
• We cooperate with factories that produce packaging for Apple and other large companies.
• High quality offset printing without color loss — 5C.
• Gloss, matte, gold foil, hot print — for any choice of coating and combinations.
• We use protective films for lenses and plastic wrap prolonging the life of VR CardBoards.
Eco friendly materials.
We've made a commitment to keeping our products as environmentally sustainable as possible. This means the paper in your custom VR headsets are FSC certified.

We source our VR cardboard materials from suppliers with proof they comply with our ethics and recyclability requirements
Retail sales. Provide services for B2C.
Adjust sales through marketplaces.
Expand B2B product line — for advertising there is access to all of our major clients.
Expand the line of products, related to packaging. For example, packaging with screens.
Open an online retail store for accessories and devices for VR/AR. A very large gaming market. As an example of a successful company in this area — Knoxlabs:
Igor Hadzic
Owner & CEO
Igor started working as a web designer/developer in 2013 in Pyxis Web Design, working on various projects for Slovenian clients such as Petek Transport, Suzuki, and others. During that time, he also worked with various prominent names in the region on various projects.
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You will have an operational surplus in 2 weeks.
5 400 000 USD
1 200 000 USD
net profit for 5 years.
600 000 USD
422 000 USD
peak net income for one year.
turnover in 5 years.
2 328 000 USD
peak annual turnover.
5 200 USD
average check.
1 080 000 USD
average turnover per year.
the price of the business.
2 years.
Expected return on investment.
Customers' top countries:
USA / UK / EC / Canada / Australia.
We have completed 20 wholesale orders for Google LLC.
Being an exclusive partner with Google "Street View"™ is the business asset unattainable for other companies in the market.
To obtain a Google AR&VR certificate today is next to impossible and it will take more than 1,5 years.
  • We can develop an individual turnkey VR CardBoard model.
  • We manufacture prototypes, test and update to a completely finished and convenient model.
  • We have produced 7 different models of VR CardBoard.
Our own designed innovative light model that saves money for our customers.
  • 4 CMYK + 1 Pantone Solid Coated color.
  • This print quality allows for additional margins.